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at school on Christmas Adam (lol)

UGH its so boring, im stuck at school and there seriously is nothing to do... like in most all of my classes i've just been wandering around the halls...so messed up that we're at school on the day before Christmas Eve. its really lame!

Luckily my padre (sp?) is coming to getme sometime and i still need to go talk to mr. gatton (my VP) so this should be rather interesting, i think i will go talk to him in a few minutes...hmmm we'll see

but yeah i also need to go to Mrs. Ostendorfs room to get my ceramic cups that i made for my parents for christmas so i will prolly do that when my daddy comes to pick me up...yeah that will be rather interesting to sneak his present home haha. ugh my finger hurts really bad, the cuticle is cut really short i guess and that's why its hurting so bad, so yeah.

well i am soooooooo bored and the bell is about to ring to be let out to "B" lunch, which means that i will have both lunches hooray! and thats when i will prolly talk to my VP. Oh oh oh also I got my dance pictures, they are rather seducing haha its kinda odd well i am gonna go i will chat with you later.



Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is to be happy again, to be loved by friends and family. To have that special someone treat me with respect, who loves me, who cares for me more than anything else. I want to be able to jump again. Laugh without pretending. I dont want to be hurt again by douche bag guys.

Kristin S.

update from the past 3 weeks...

um well i had both of my knees scoped on the 24th of november, and my right knee is still pretty swollen (you can tell a major difference between both knees) like it looks really fat and the other one looks normal haha.

then on the 12 of december, i went to my high school's winter formal called WA short for Womens Association. I had a blast, I went with this sophomore who is in my ceramics class and oh boy did we had so much fun haha. well except for the part where I couldnt really do much because if I even tried my knee would go out on me :(

I believe it was last week, but two missionaries from my ward came home, so thats pretty exciting. I cant wait for my missionary to get home in June of 2010, Sarah Jeaner Beaner and I went to his farewell, before we headed to california that summer. He lived/lives up in Hyrum, Ut so that was quite the drive from Sandy haha.

And then there is this guy, who I have been kinda dating and all...well just yesterday he sends me an email saying if i can find a cheap dog he'll get one for me for a Christmas present =]
Sadly I prolly wont get one because of my parents and this contract that I had to sign which really sucks...cause they still have it :(

Oh I forgot to mention that I think it was Wednesday but my mother and I got into an awful fight and she practically pushed me down the stairs...and threatened to hit me! yeah I dont even know why she got mad at me. I was only trying to help come up with dinner suggestions for the night, because the chicken wasnt defrosted all of the way...

Haha so I finally finished my Christmas shopping for my family yesterday, and while I was out and about I bought some Mistletoe. Cute huh? It was only 2 dollars but still thats not too bad. oh man my knee is killing me...and I have no idea where my pain meds are...

Yes, I forgot...so lately (as in this past week) I have had so many stupid/rude experiences with guys that I cant take it anymore...why are they such dicks? haha, I had asked a guy friend of mine and he just said because they can be...ugh thats not a good enough answer haha.

well I should prolly get ready for church....

Kris a tin a


well i got both of my knees scoped and now they hurt like hell....the crutches i am using accidentally fell on my right knee which has been hurting worse since yesterday morning :( and i started crying and everyone started to get mad at me because of who knows what...then my dad comes down stairs and gets mad at me because apparently we were fighting over the computer...

um lets see what else has happened....well there was this guy who i really liked and i thought he really liked me too but apparently not...and we were getting really close and out of the blue he started to act all weird and such...idk what happened...um well there is this guy and i really care about him too so i just dont know lol

ugh i am sooo tired...but i dont know what to do....cause i cant get comfortable on this freakin love seat and also because of my braces...it sucks i hate it... :( but yeah hmmmmm i think i am kinda engaged...to the guy that i really care about (the second guy i was talking about his name is Jay and he treats me really well, they also found his missing brother's skull up in big cottonwood canyon a while ago but he's been rather sad about it....i just wish i could help him somehow, but i just dont know...

schedule for school...

first tri...

1. creative writing
2. jv dance
3.us gov/citizenship
4.algebra 2 part A
5 interior design

second tri...

2. painting 1
3. chemistry part A
4.see counselor
5. nurse assisting

third tri...

1. algebra 2 part B
2. child care 1 (already had this class)
3. creative writing 2
4.nurse assisting
5. nurse assisting

NOTE: they completely messed up my schedule... to the point where they put me in a class that i've already been in AND that i dont have the second half of chemistry! PLUS i dont have a first period second tri....yeah its really strange...but i definately need to talk to a counselor sometime despite the fact that it says to talk to one during second tri...thats just for my CNA course...

Update from my trip from California

Well it was rather loooooooooooooooooooooooooong and boring i didnt get to do much of what i wanted...it was lame...well today is my boyfriends birthday and i dont even get to see him!!!!!!!!!!! ugh its sooooooo rediculous!

grrrrrrr i just wanna scream i am so freakin sick of my family i can not wait till i can move out!  i just want to cry but i hate crying especially in front of anyone! i cant talk to my boyfriend because my phone will die if i do :( but oh well and i cant sleep on a freakin bed because my siblings have to get their freakin way! i hate it especially since i have scolliosis(SP?) well in other words i have really bad back pain and ugh i just cant take it anymore....but whatever i gotta go so whatever peace


haha love this pic

well heres an update :)

Jay aka Jason bought me some flowers and they should be arriving any time today YAY!

My mother is coming home today fun

I might have found a job as a nanny for a 4 month old girl named everly

for those who dont know but I quit my job at Cub Country because I was technically being verbally harrassed and my boss wouldnt do anything about it! yeah lame huh?

I still cant drive my car yet...cause its not insured :( and I have to pay for it myself...WHICH sucks cause right now I dont have a job...

UGH idk...like if I am gonna go to Brighton High or Jordan High...cause I really wanna go to JOrdan but I cant till my car has its plates...and idk what to do...hmm maybe Jason Hall can drive me to Jordan High until I have plates for my car. Plus I know I will do better academically at Jordan than at Brighton

Well I am gonna go PEACE 

heres the low down

well on tuesday this kid at work all of a sudden blurted out (when it was just the two of us doing something ) "EVERYONE CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO QUIT" the following day I didnt show up for work...and then yesterday i decided  to quit. I dont need people to treat me like that especially if I have worked much longer then most of them.

but we got paid on wednesday so I just went up there to get my paycheck and then later that day i bought a car :) it should be rather fun.
well im gonna go peace

oh and heres a pic of my car:

not sure what to do...

1. this guy wants to marry me but im not sure if i wanna marry him...
2.this other guy wants me to move in with him once im 18 (he lives in Colorado now though)
3. and finally this other guy wants me to go back to jordan high and i am really considering this one...

although i really want to move out once i am 18- so idk
There are sooooooooooooooooooo many feelings i am going through i just dont know what to do...
Each guy wants me to do something for them like move  in with them, get married, and all

well i gotta go peace