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gr...stupid boyfriend/sisters

so lately my stupid boyfriend (j.r.) and i have been getting into these stupid fights and it gets really old after like the first 5+ times! then my sisters are being freakin  b**ches...and they could care less if they hurt me emotionally or not...but i think i need to break up with j.r. sometime soon...just because idk how much longer i am going to be able to handle all of his temper tantrums! seriously he is a grown man who throws immature temper tantru... he is way too controlling and i cant handle it anymore....its messed up!

anyhow i have a work interview in about 24 mins so i should prolly get off my laptop and head upstairs to the bathroom to put makeup on and finish getting ready :)


~Kristin aka Pinkie


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Jun. 28th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Heyyy! Update please! Fill me in on your fun new place that you're staying and how your newfound freedom is going! Which apartment complex are you in? I used to live at The Elms, and Foxwood, and some other place that I forgot the name of... Are you in Provo or Orem?
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