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K so I promised this guy (who I am dating) that I wouldnt do anything for him for his birthday...Does that mean I cant give him anything? Or if I do does that mean I will be breaking the promise I made to him about not doing anything for him...I just dont know...hmmm

Anyways today I am going down to Orem to look at UVU (Utah Valley University) sweet huh? I am rather excited haha...yeah too bad its monday and I have school tomorrow...or else I would've asked my madre if she would be ever so kind as to let me spend the day with J.R. (my boyfriend) yep :)

goodness my ear itches soooo bad, and I have physical therapy in about an hour and a half...yuck...I DO NOT WANT TO GO!!! haha

well I'm gonna go peace!
♥ Me!!!