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Sweethearts 2010

So last night was Brighton High School's Sweethearts dance...the last sweethearts dance I will ever attend...Due to me being a senior this year. Anyways for our day activity we had a scavenger hunt to get to the church that I attend well we played Spoons with Disney Uno Cards, which was pretty intense towards the end (I happened to lose because of my stupid knee) After that game ended we played murder in the dark and after that we got kicked out of the churches gym...because we had a ward party that was going on later that night and they came to set up...

we later got dropped off to get ready (my date was on his way back from Rexburg Idaho from applying for a Musicians Scholarship! and boy is he good!) haha anyways so I was trying to get ready and my dress is like a corset...and well by the end of the night my back was litterally in pain because I couldnt breathe! And about 6:40 we (my date finally arrived at my house) were on our way to go have a pizza making contest...we pretty much dominated with ours haha (not really but still it was pretty awesome, it was an open to art type of pizza cause it surely didnt really look like much haha.)

By about 8:40 we were at the dance, it was a blast Khemia seemed to have a lot of fun too. (But she wasnt in my group...she had her own) but yeah after the dance we were headed to a wardies house for a "HUGE" game of disney seen it, it was pretty fun although my team lost even though we really should have won....haha anyways it was just a lot of fun, but I dont think I will be wearing that dress later today (at church...its kind of a tradition at our ward haha) so yeah anyways I better get going