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Its a new year, and I am ready for CHANGE in my life.

In fact I want to go to a different school, so that I can have a new start.
(don't worry I am not running away from anything, I promise)

I came up with a way that I can get to and from school, yes I know its half way through the school year already but I cant take Brighton any more...every day I am tormented and called rotten names, I've told my counselor about it but she hasnt done anything to stop it.

I need a job, so I've been applying every where I can think of that would hire me.
hopefully this year will be a more prosperous year (when it comes to job hunting)

I also might be moving out, but that all depends on if I get a job or not. So I am hoping, that I can get a job sooner rather than later, because its true my family doesnt care about me, they told me flat out that they dont...

This is why I need change, also because I miss having my old life the life where I was always happy, the life where I had friends, the life where people wanted to be around me.