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elmo is doing my dance because...

my parents have decided to pretty much buy a car for my younger sister and I (the hutch mobile) as they called it. I like it, I'm hoping they can get it all ready enough to where my sister and I can drive it around :P Its a cute white Nissan Altima. (an older one) my friend Nick C. is planning on selling it to my parents for $500 but its in pretty good shape although there are a few things wrong with it (like there is an oil leak coming from somewhere) and there were some other things but I dont think anything too major is wrong with it.

I cant wait to drive it to and from school though- just because then that way I wont have to drive with this girl named Jessie S. who I dont think likes me very much, but really likes my younger sister. But yeah I'm pretty stoked for this car :) nothing at all like the van haha which is good cause i hate driving the van. (UGHHHHHH my knee is killing me!!!!)

yeah thats pretty much the just of it, heres a pic of what it looks like...


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Dec. 29th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
hehe it almost looks like my oldsmobile, but its not!
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