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Happy Birthday!

So this is to my bestest/most favoritest cousin in the world....

Yes I know its a bit early, BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

LOVE your cousin,

Kristin joy

gr...stupid boyfriend/sisters

so lately my stupid boyfriend (j.r.) and i have been getting into these stupid fights and it gets really old after like the first 5+ times! then my sisters are being freakin  b**ches...and they could care less if they hurt me emotionally or not...but i think i need to break up with j.r. sometime soon...just because idk how much longer i am going to be able to handle all of his temper tantrums! seriously he is a grown man who throws immature temper tantru... he is way too controlling and i cant handle it anymore....its messed up!

anyhow i have a work interview in about 24 mins so i should prolly get off my laptop and head upstairs to the bathroom to put makeup on and finish getting ready :)


~Kristin aka Pinkie


so i have a job interview tomorrow its for a daycare/preschool facility and i could be a preschool teacher and all and its really exciting so i have a "work interview" which means i'll actually be working with the kids for about half an hour from 8:30-9:00 yay!  so excited! well thats it for my news...oh yeah konkee and i are friends again and we made out quite a bit today not gonna lie i liked it a lot :)

Well lately my parents and I have been fighting....my dad pretty much threatened to slap me...not sure why but he did. anyways I am finally getting ready for college! Exciting isnt it? We just paid for my application fee to UVU and my acceptance letter should be arriving shortly :)
Its an open enrollment college so thats how i know its an acceptance letter.

Um...I am soooooooooo ready to be done with high school! so stoked to graduate finally! its been WAY WAY WAY too long ! haha well everything has been pretty lame with the fighting and all...but J.R. and I are still dating which is always a plus...

unfortunately the bell is about to ring to get to class....or well make your way to class plus my wrists are KILLING me!


<3/ Kris-a-tin-a

Chatter in the library.

so I have decided that i am going to UVU in the fall. my boyfriend and are spending a lot of time together, which my parents dont seem to like...its rather interested....Mmmm someone smells like hollister :) love it love it love it! ugh so my boyfriend (j.r.) is planning a surprise for me and i hate it!!! soooo annoying he wont give me any sort of hint L.A.M.E.!!! haha anyways I am VERY glad that hardman is not here but in New York yay! plus we have a super nice sub haha. Well the bell to leave for class is about to ring i'll ttyl

much love!

<3/ Moi aka Me


K so I promised this guy (who I am dating) that I wouldnt do anything for him for his birthday...Does that mean I cant give him anything? Or if I do does that mean I will be breaking the promise I made to him about not doing anything for him...I just dont know...hmmm

Anyways today I am going down to Orem to look at UVU (Utah Valley University) sweet huh? I am rather excited haha...yeah too bad its monday and I have school tomorrow...or else I would've asked my madre if she would be ever so kind as to let me spend the day with J.R. (my boyfriend) yep :)

goodness my ear itches soooo bad, and I have physical therapy in about an hour and a half...yuck...I DO NOT WANT TO GO!!! haha

well I'm gonna go peace!
♥ Me!!!


so i really want to go to st. george today...well this weekend....maybe i can convince someone to go with me haha. but i prolly wouldnt be able to drive...but who knows :D so i am really tired and dont really want to go to physical therapy but i prolly should haha. oh yeah someone hacked into my gmail account...whoever it was that was real classy of you...NOT but now you wont be able to get into it haha cause i'm cool like that. yup pretty much...oh yeah sarah strickler (my cousin) is visiting yay! and then she'll be back at the end of the month too im super stoked haha. yeah thats pretty much it.
well im gonna go see ya!

Sweethearts 2010

So last night was Brighton High School's Sweethearts dance...the last sweethearts dance I will ever attend...Due to me being a senior this year. Anyways for our day activity we had a scavenger hunt to get to the church that I attend well we played Spoons with Disney Uno Cards, which was pretty intense towards the end (I happened to lose because of my stupid knee) After that game ended we played murder in the dark and after that we got kicked out of the churches gym...because we had a ward party that was going on later that night and they came to set up...

we later got dropped off to get ready (my date was on his way back from Rexburg Idaho from applying for a Musicians Scholarship! and boy is he good!) haha anyways so I was trying to get ready and my dress is like a corset...and well by the end of the night my back was litterally in pain because I couldnt breathe! And about 6:40 we (my date finally arrived at my house) were on our way to go have a pizza making contest...we pretty much dominated with ours haha (not really but still it was pretty awesome, it was an open to art type of pizza cause it surely didnt really look like much haha.)

By about 8:40 we were at the dance, it was a blast Khemia seemed to have a lot of fun too. (But she wasnt in my group...she had her own) but yeah after the dance we were headed to a wardies house for a "HUGE" game of disney seen it, it was pretty fun although my team lost even though we really should have won....haha anyways it was just a lot of fun, but I dont think I will be wearing that dress later today (at church...its kind of a tradition at our ward haha) so yeah anyways I better get going



Its a new year, and I am ready for CHANGE in my life.

In fact I want to go to a different school, so that I can have a new start.
(don't worry I am not running away from anything, I promise)

I came up with a way that I can get to and from school, yes I know its half way through the school year already but I cant take Brighton any more...every day I am tormented and called rotten names, I've told my counselor about it but she hasnt done anything to stop it.

I need a job, so I've been applying every where I can think of that would hire me.
hopefully this year will be a more prosperous year (when it comes to job hunting)

I also might be moving out, but that all depends on if I get a job or not. So I am hoping, that I can get a job sooner rather than later, because its true my family doesnt care about me, they told me flat out that they dont...

This is why I need change, also because I miss having my old life the life where I was always happy, the life where I had friends, the life where people wanted to be around me.

elmo is doing my dance because...

my parents have decided to pretty much buy a car for my younger sister and I (the hutch mobile) as they called it. I like it, I'm hoping they can get it all ready enough to where my sister and I can drive it around :P Its a cute white Nissan Altima. (an older one) my friend Nick C. is planning on selling it to my parents for $500 but its in pretty good shape although there are a few things wrong with it (like there is an oil leak coming from somewhere) and there were some other things but I dont think anything too major is wrong with it.

I cant wait to drive it to and from school though- just because then that way I wont have to drive with this girl named Jessie S. who I dont think likes me very much, but really likes my younger sister. But yeah I'm pretty stoked for this car :) nothing at all like the van haha which is good cause i hate driving the van. (UGHHHHHH my knee is killing me!!!!)

yeah thats pretty much the just of it, heres a pic of what it looks like...